New ABUS Padlock Is Ready For The Future

Posted on 27th March 2023 by Tom

Lost keys and forgotten combinations are a thing of the past, with the launch of the new ABUS TouchTM 57 biometric padlock. It works with just a touch as a programmed fingerprint unlocks the padlock from any angle, saving hassle, time and replacement costs.

The new ABUS Touch 57 biometric padlock, with its hardened steel shackle and high protection Nano-Protect™ coating, is the latest innovation from ABUS UK. It recognises up to twenty registered fingerprints from any position with a 360° detection range, so it works from any direction.

The new TouchTM 57 padlock, which is perfect for indoor or outdoor use thanks to its IP 66 & IP 68-level protection which guards against dust and water ingress, will last for years between battery changes with 10,000 openings achieved in lab tests with a standard CR2 battery. When the battery does need changing there is a SOS warning tone to let users know that it needs replacing while all of the fingerprint data is retained even if the batteries run flat. It is perfect low to medium risk settings including doors, lockers, tool boxes, sheds, and switch boxes.

The hardened steel, spring-loaded shackle is not the only security feature that makes the ABUS Touch™ 57 padlock the safe and secure choice: the automatic double ball locking system also ensures high tensile and torsion strength for exceptional attack resistance. This innovative new padlock is available in sizes 57/45 and 57/50.

The programming process is simple, with encrypted memory, and users can be deleted if and when they no longer require access. Because it is waterproof the ABUS Touch™ 57 can be used in a variety of situations like securing tools, assets, materials or training equipment. In residential and commercial applications it is ideal for securing valuables in multi-use areas.

Codelocks celebrates 30 years of innovation

Posted on 24th January 2022 by Charlotte Armstrong

By Dominic Ryan – Operations Director, Codelocks

It all started from a flat in Red Lion Square, central London. Dorothea and Desmond Ryan taking calls in the fourth floor flat, running down five flights of stairs to the basement where the stock was stored. Then they’d take the orders around the block to the post office for dispatch.

As business rapidly took off, and their legs began to resent the multiple trips up and down stairs, they rented a small unit at the back of the square to increase stockholding and improve logistics. I helped out, running smaller orders to the post office and visiting local customers – but we soon had a regular courier for collections, and a company car to travel further than the confines of London. We even indulged in a mobile phone – cutting edge tech in the 1990s! It enabled Desmond and Dorothea, based in the office (or flat) to stay in touch with me in our ‘warehouse’ at street level – and saved a lot of leg work!

This happy arrangement continued for a year, until the business outgrew our small stock unit. We needed more space, but that was expensive in central London. We also needed a computer system to create accounts, raise invoices, load stock onto – and generally keep pace with the company expansion. We wanted a system that was tailored to our needs and, as luck would have it, Desmond’s brother was a self-taught computer whizz. Better still, living in Somerset, this offered us the opportunity to rent warehousing space at far more reasonable rates – two birds with one stone! We also took on another employee in dispatch and recruited two part-time office clerks for invoicing and tele-sales.

Meanwhile Desmond and Dorothea were searching for a place outside London to both live and ultimately relocate the Codelocks operation. Which brought us to Newbury in Berkshire, and we have been here ever since, although our rapid expansion has led us to move three times in and around the town itself.

Family values

Though much has changed in the access control industry, I’m proud that Codelocks still has the same family values as when I first joined in the early 1990s, when there were just three of us servicing our core industry distributors. I am also happy to say that we still supply those distributors today.

The family has always been very hands-on with the running of the company, from operating the warehouse and talking to customers, to getting out and visiting sites. We try to impress the same ethos with our management team. We strive to be inclusive and value our people as individuals. Our business is built on respect and trust for one another, and we also want to see employees expand their roles as our business grows.
A strong product range

Though we’re still pushing the boundaries with our latest Smart Locks, we never forget that we built our customer base by offering a wide range of practical solutions. One of our early mechanical locks for example, the CL255 mortice latch, is still hugely popular, standing out from the crowd with its premium finish, and our 50 pence shaped thumb turn.

Another product that has outlived many of its competitors, is the CL5010 Heavy Duty Tubular Mortice Latch. To me this is the holy grail; an electronic lock with a solid mechanical foundation that provides access control without the expense of installing a hard-wired traditional system.

The CL5010 was a milestone on our electronic lock roadmap bridging the gap between mechanical and electronic locks. It enabled us to engage with new customers with ever smarter and more diverse requirements and has given us a reliable mechanical platform from which to deliver an electronic stand-alone solution.
An eye on the future

Whilst there is still a lot of demand for our traditional product lines, our ability to innovate as we develop new products and services is core to our success in new and existing markets. Our app and web-based access solutions for example, enables us to appeal to a wider audience, and customers are finding ever more interesting ways to utilise our technology to deliver services in ways we only dreamed of. Our KitLock by Codelocks locker locks, have been used to provide secure, flexible access to equipment in recording studios, to create VIP storage solutions at music festivals, and to enable sports fans to book and gain access to lockers at football stadiums from their smart phones.

We are quick to react to changing circumstances in order to support our customers, too. In 2020 we released Clean by Codelocks – a photocatalytic coating that has been proven capable of eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19) within minutes. Not surprisingly, it’s been popular with businesses and organisations looking for an extra level of protection against Coronavirus – such as in education and healthcare environments, offices, shops, and restaurants.

A great team

You don’t run a successful business for 30 years – and survive a world-wide pandemic – without having a great team. And there’s no doubt that one man in particular – Colin Campbell, who joined us in 2015 and is now Managing Director – has made a big contribution to our current success.

One of Colin’s biggest challenges was to see us through the pandemic – and he’s done a great job. “The business was already in a good position to ride out some tough months, and we quickly put a plan together. We began by reassuring all staff that their jobs were safe. And we’re proud to say we lost no employees because of the pandemic,” explains Colin.

But what really helped us was that Colin (and the rest of the team) had already built a resilient business. We have strong financial management, great supplier relations, a loyal customer base and passionate workforce.
Loyal customers

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers – both the locksmiths and installers that fit our products, and the clients that use them. We put our customers first. Our reputation for providing world class support and our expertise sets us apart.

Jason Priest, for example, of the Oxford-based specialist locksmith J. Priest & Son, has been working with Codelocks throughout his 30-year career. Jason has worked with us on many projects including schools and colleges within Oxford University. He says: “Codelocks is a very professional company, and the development of its standalone smart lock prevents the need for continuous code changes on site. All other manufacturers only offer some of the features – or, if they offer all, only in conjunction with other smart products.”

And, Paul Pasquali – Group Operations Manager of Porsche Centre Preston: “We needed an access control system that combined flexibility with the utmost peace of mind. But equally important is the level of customer service. We’ve been really impressed with Codelocks – the follow up visits and advice have been first class.”

What’s next for Codelocks?

Over the next 30 years, we plan to continue our rapid product innovation program and grow and expand the business. Currently, we see a lot of opportunities in the rental sector. Our Smart Locks are ideal for customers who want to offer a short-term rental, and the Codelocks Connect platform that supports them has an open API – enabling customers to integrate our access solutions into their own online customer journeys.

Partnerships are being formed using our technology to provide access control solutions to problems not dreamt of even a few years ago. Right now, we’re working on a raft of projects, including secure cycle storage, secure collection for building materials, click and collect takeaway food solutions and even ways to order and collect your holiday money.

We love niche and slightly quirky projects and will continue to develop those alongside our core range. But whatever comes next, you can be sure that we’ll stick to our vision – to provide smarter access for everyone – and the core values that have got us to where we are today.

Recognised for saving locksmiths time and money in critical tasks

The LockCaddy Carrier was awarded Best New Product at the ALOA Convention in Orlando, Florida.By organising the workflow of all the critical components, LockCaddy products increase the efficiency of everyday locksmith tasks, such as pinning and stamping.  The addition of the LockCaddy Carrier to the product line improves portability of the system, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the entire LockCaddy line.

The new LockCaddy Carrier securely stacks up to three LockCaddys, enabling locksmiths to safely transport their work from shop to job site. The unit features a comfortable handle and additional compartments to securely hold electronic fabs and other large keys.

Wes McKenney, CEO of LockCaddy stated: “We are honored to be recognised as Best New Product by the ALOA and wish to thank the association as well as the many locksmith professionals who have expressed their overwhelming endorsement of the LockCaddy product line both at the show and online.”

Triton2 master key system helps transform access management at Bath NHS Trust

The Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust is the latest healthcare site to benefit from Triton2, a patented, high-security master key system from ASSA ABLOY, delivering assured security and key control.

The Trust’s Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases and Brownsword Therapies Centre is a key facility to take advantage of the Triton2 system. Opening in 2019 at the main Royal United Hospitals site in the Weston area of Bath, the Centre is an outpatient facility providing treatment, care and education to those recovering from episodes of illness or injury, or who need help managing long-term conditions. With services covering rheumatology, therapies and pain management, the Centre includes clinic and treatment rooms, a gym, hydrotherapy pool, an assessment and teaching kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, Skype clinic room, and education rooms for forums and classes.

The Triton2 master key system has also been installed in the Bernard Ireland House residential building, which offers specially-designed accommodation for patients, with facilities including group treatment areas, office space, and a dedicated therapeutic courtyard area. Triton2 provides a safe, secure and reliable means of key management for both the residents and staff, so they can focus on delivering the highest standards of care to patients. When searching for a suitable master key system for these buildings, the Trust had a wide range of requirements that needed to be satisfied. Hospitals and healthcare estates typically have large and complex key demands, because of the high number of staff employed, the variety of areas requiring different levels of access rights, and the fact that security and safety must not be compromised.

Fortunately, Triton2 was ideally suited to meet the Trust’s needs. Supplied and installed by local distributor Gemsec, the platform raises security standards by ensuring employees have different levels of security access based on their roles, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorised access and security breaches. A hierarchy of access rights means no matter what an individual’s role at the site – whether it’s a general manager, doctors and nurses, tenants, porters, and so on – all have access to only the areas they need. And within each type of role, a large availability of differs ensures acess rights can be personalised to meet an individual’s exact requirements. The Trust’s estates team then has a master key, and there is a grand master key that sits above this that can access all areas.

The system helps simplify key management too; a member of staff is able to access a range of rooms and areas from a single key, rather than having to carry around a collection of them. Furthermore, the fact that one key can open a number of locks means less duplicates are needed. Should there be a security breach, it’s easy to identify who has access to a particular area and ensure the appropriate action is taken.

One of the key features of Triton2 is its long-lasting patent protection. Guarding against unauthorised and 3D key copying, Triton2 is patented until 2036 for guaranteed peace of mind. Keys can only be cut by registered dealers, maintaining a high level of security should a key ever be misplaced.

With built-in anti-pick, anti-pull, anti-drill and anti-bump protection, the system’s cylinders exceed the requirements of BS EN 1303:2015, meeting the highest standards for physical security. The platform has also been fire tested in line with BS EN 1634-1:200, and so is suitable for use on 30- and 60-minute timber fire doors.

Anthony Green, Senior Estates Officer at Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We’ve been so impressed with the Triton2 master key system from ASSA ABLOY that we’re now planning to review the rest of the estate in line with the capabilities of the platform, with a view to roll it out to other facilities across the site.

The system delivers an assured future-proof solution. Even simple considerations, such as the fact that Triton2 is available with a comprehensive range of cylinder profiles to suit every type of lockcase, helps us save money in the long run by making sure we would not have to install new lockcases if we were to expand the system to existing buildings across the site.”

ERA Protect Launch Next Generation of Smart Home Security is Backed by BSI IoT Kitemark

Bringing alarm and camera excellence, ERA Protect offers the ultimate in security confidence and even when there is a broadband outage, the built-in 4G roaming SIM allows crucial data to be sent to the secure ERA Cloud, all controlled by one intuitive smartphone app.

ERA Protect offers a multitude of capabilities and features that empower users to take charge of their smart security from start to finish.

BSI IOT Kitemark – an industry first

Extensive research and development by the innovative ERA team to deliver a completely different offering, has resulted in ERA being the first organisation to attain the BSI IoT (British Standards Institution Internet of Things) Kitemark.

BSI developed the IoT Kitemark in response to the rapid growth of internet connected products and is designed to help customers confidently and easily identify IoT devices they can trust to be safe, secure and functional. This verification is a reflection of both the hard work and investment made in ERA Protect to deliver the ultimate in accessible, but serious, security.

The ERA Protect difference


Building on previous product ranges to continue developing a serious security solution that can be relied upon and trusted, rather than a gadget, the ERA Protect range launches with an Alarm, Siren, Accessories along with an Outdoor camera and Floodlight camera.

The first major difference between ERA Protect and other alarm systems is the way the alarm and the cameras work together.  Wirelessly connected and operating fully in harmony, the settings allow cameras to be controlled via the same app and triggered as a complete system during alert situations.  What’s even more unique, is that if the broadband connection goes down, the 4G roaming SIM will still allow the video recordings from cameras to be stored to the cloud upon alarm trigger. The result gives a robust, security-driven system that can be tailored to fit individual needs – with all the help and support that ERA has become well-known for.

One ECO System – one app

All ERA Protect products are fully integrated and work seamlessly together using the intuitive, easy to use smartphone app. One simple app allows users to view and monitor their precious homes or premises at any time from anywhere in the world – via the high quality 1080p HD video imagery – giving them ultimate convenience and reassurance.

Being wireless, unlike time consuming, costly hard-wired systems, ERA Protect can be easily connected – and disconnected – should customers move house. In addition, the system can be added to at a later date – maybe an additional PIR or camera is required – giving great flexibility.

With no fixed long-term contracts to be tied into, ERA Protect’s subscription packages are optional and can be cancelled at any time should circumstances change.

Confidence is key

Floodlight Camera

Confidence is a key concept for ERA Protect – a theme that runs through every aspect of the system.


Completely revolutionary to a smart alarm smart system, ERA Protect offers a unique professional monitoring capability and ‘on the ground’ local authority response if required.  This means a house can be monitored by professionals and in an alert situation, someone will contact the authorities directly if it is a verified intruder.  This is a huge confidence boost for the elderly, or people away from home and not able to attend their own home in an emergency.  What’s more, the Professional Monitoring is available on short-term basis adhoc and no long-term expensive contracts are required meaning you can opt in and out of the professional monitoring when it suits you.

To give customers added confidence, ERA have also invested effort into small things which make big differences. For example, the motion detection in cameras is PIR driven which significantly reduces false alerts and therefore instils more confidence.

Cameras have protected wiring so vandalism is reduced and a lot of focus has gone into making sure the alarm system itself can’t easily be jammed or affected by power cuts.

ERA also offers the benefit of its experienced product specialists for help and advice, available to both installers and end users, via its UK-based Helpline.

Secure Security at its best

For those looking for total security, ERA Protect has been developed by a trusted security brand and built by security people – crucially, not gadget people. This simple fact makes all the difference to the end result.

For example, employing encrypted technology means that accounts, and importantly data, is safe and secure, whilst being wireless means that there are no cables to cut that would render the system inoperable. Where cabling does exist on the cameras, it is protected to defend against vandalism.

Alongside the IoT kitemark, reassuringly, the alarm settings and video recorded data are also secure and are held directly on ERA’s in-house GDPR-compliant Cloud Platform. This ensures that all data is safely stored within the UK and Ireland and does away with any compromised data storage risks associated with a third party.

The ERA Protect product range and service packages

There are three main products within the ERA Protect range: –

  • ERA Protect Alarm System– easily programmed via the app and features alerts sent via push, phone call or SMS notification to pre-programmed alert numbers for added peace of mind.
  • ERA Protect Outdoor Camera – boasts on-demand recording when in live view for instant recordings.
  • ERA Protect Floodlight Camera – discrete security as it looks like a floodlight only with no indication that it also incorporates a camera.

Allowing customers to tailor their security system to meet their individual needs, ERA Protect is available in a range of four Service Packages, with corresponding monthly fees. ERA Protect Basic has no monthly fee and means you can use the basic monitoring features of the alarm as well as making use of the live view capabilities from the camera.

Outdoor Camera

For those wanting camera back up to the cloud storage, but are not so concerned about 4G backup capability, it is simply £2.99 per month for up to 4 cameras.  Alternatively, for both camera cloud storage and 4G Roaming SIM backup, the ERA Protect Plus package is £9.99 per month.  Finally, if someone also wanted professional monitoring, the ERA Protect Plus Premium Package is £19.99 per month.

Tania Tams, Head of Marketing at ERA said, “With ERA Protect, we pushed security as far as we could go – and then we went further. Our three key concepts – firstly, our working security ECO system; secondly, confidence in our products and services and thirdly, our quest for ‘total security’ – have all driven the design, development and manufacture of ERA Protect and is reflected in our BSI IoT Kitemark attainment – a shining endorsement of our faith in providing truly secure security.

Coupled to this, the ERA Protect system is also approved by the Neighbourhood Watch, a much recognised brand in communities UK wide and packaging is supported with both the BSI IoT Kitemark and the Neighbourhood Watch logo.

“We can now deliver a truly new way of providing high quality, yet affordable smart security with the end user placed firmly at the centre and being totally in control. ERA Protect is different – in concept, in design and in delivery of results – welcome to the next generation.”

For further information on ERA’s brand new ERA Protect range of smart home security, visit

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Setting the Home Security Standard as the Clocks Go Back

As the nights get darker, it’s essential for more awareness around home security and the measures which can be taken to help prevent any unwanted attacks on homes. The dark winter months bring revenue opportunities for locksmiths, with homeowners investing in new home security products.

Darker Nights

Comprehensive and adaptable home security has never been so important, there were more than 350,000 domestic burglaries in England and Wales in the year ending March 20201, with November being the most common month for home break-ins2.

Many UK homeowners haven’t made the necessary security precautions to their home as required, and according to research from Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch3, even though more than half (51%) of UK adults have been a victim of burglary and/or attempted burglary, more than two fifths (44%) have not taken any measures to protect the property they live in.

As the nights get longer, it’s important to raise awareness around the significance of surveying current home security and what investments would be beneficial. The security campaign National Home Security Month takes place each year throughout October. Now in its eighth year, the initiative highlights the ways homeowners can keep their homes, families and possessions safe as the days get shorter – providing the ideal opportunity for trusted tradespeople to install necessary home security measures.

When it comes to security, homeowners are willing to spend more to ensure that their homes are securely protected. As a tradesperson it’s important that you are offering the highest quality security products and sound advice, to guarantee your customers are receiving the most effective solutions.

There are many vulnerable areas around the home which are often overlooked by homeowners. When advising a customer or conducting a home security survey, it would be beneficial to take note of these locations around the home, to suggest security changes which should be made, and the required standards for different products.

Here are some top considerations to take into account when surveying the security of a home:


  • Ensure good quality windows and doors are fitted with appropriate locks. This is especially important for the more easily accessible ground floor windows and doors, such as patio doors.
  • If the door handles are starting to become loose, they need upgrading. To achieve maximum security, ensure the handle is TS007 2-star rating and combine it with a 1-star or higher rated cylinder.
  • As lock snapping continues to be a threat, the quality of the lock cylinders is more important than ever. Check that the cylinders are rated at TS007 3-star Kitemark, endorsed by Secured By Design, like the 3 Star Euro cylinder lock, which provides anti snap lock protection for the property.
  • If there are external wooden doors in the home, make sure the nightlatch is working correctly and that a 5 lever mortice lock approved to standard BS3621 is fitted. If a 3-lever design is already installed, the homeowner may consider upgrading to a 5-lever mortice lock. This may also ensure they comply with insurance requirements. Products such as door bolts offer up sell opportunities and ensure the customer is securing their door the best they can.
  • Is extra security required in the home? Door chains can add protection against opportunists, whereas a letterplate restrictor can help prevent against letterbox fishing, a common tactic used to obtain car keys.
  • If their lock requires an upgrade, they may be interested in investing in a smart lock, such as the Yale Keyless Lock or the Conexis L1 Smart Lock which meets the smart lock BSI standard TS621:2018.
  • Does the home have an alarm system? Whether it be smart, or a more traditional wired system, a home alarm system can act as an efficient deterrent to any potential burglars. Smart alarms also have the added ability to be controlled remotely via smart phones or tablets.
  • Indoor cameras provide a low cost, effective solution to monitoring the interior of a home. They can be used as stand alone cameras or part of an integrated system, strategically placed to allow homeowners to keep a close eye on their valuables and most prized possessions. Smart cameras also have the added benefit of sending an alert to the smart phone or tablet of the owner if motion is detected around their home. Pet sensors are ideal for pet owners wishing to avoid their furry friends setting off alerts.


  • Does the property have a shed or garage? Sheds and garages can often be filled with expensive tools and equipment. A standalone alarm can be useful for alerting the homeowners to any unusual activity in the shed. A padlock which is CEN 4 rated and tested to EN12320:2012 can provide maximum security and withstand the toughest weather conditions.
  • As gates can provide easy access for burglars to outside areas, security measures for these areas are essential. A weatherproof high security hasp and maximum or high security padlock, which is also weatherproof, can provide a high level of security and help to protect and access to the back of the house.
  • Is there a large outdoor area which needs to be monitored? A CCTV system will allow the homeowner to keep track of their external home security, and act as a deterrent to a potential intruder. A smart CCTV system also enables them to check parameters from their smartphone or tablet and night vision captures any activity that takes place under the cover of darkness

For the latest campaign information on National Home Security Month search for National Home Security Month on Facebook and Twitter (#NHSM20), or visit


1 ONS:

2 Co-op Insurance:


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